Increased revenue without added effort

Increase the value of your machines through digital services, data-driven maintenance and higher customer loyalty

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New ways of digital services, without development risks

Reimagined digitialisation

Autonoma is not an IoT platform. We offer our customers a solution for the meaningful and sustainable digitalization of their machines and plants. What makes us different? Our products enable project managers, mechatronics engineers, data scientists and existing technicians to digitalise machines and plants. Without special know how and IT knowledge.


Our functionality at a glance


Upselling through retrofitting

A cost-effective upgrade for additional sales. Simply add our data acquisition technology to machines that have already been installed.


Flexible data acquisition

Read data via Modbus TCP, OPC UA, CAN BUS and many more protocols. All from your desk. No technical knowledge necessary.


Your design and logo

Show your competence in the digital space with your own platform. Increase customer trust and engagement by staying present to them every single day.


Product database

The single point of truth for all information, not only for your customers but also your employees. By that, marketing, sales and service work hand in hand seamlessly.


Alarms and notifications

Inform your customers and yourself in case of significant modifications, critical machine conditions or failures immediately.


Adaptive visualisations

Create customised dashboards for yourself and customers. You can use them on TVs in production or on your smartphone on the go.

We help you personally

With more than 12 years experience in the field of industrial digitalisation, we are ready to answer questions and accompany you in your projects. Together with you, we evaluate new possible business models, but also point out risks and pitfalls.

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Digitalisation, easier than ever


The omnipresent shortage of skilled IT staff leads to uncertainty about new technologies. Our intuitive interface with clear instructions enables existing employees to digitalize machines and entire plants. This reduces the investment effort enormously, speeds up development time and makes current employees more productive.

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