At Autonoma, we live and breathe technology.
We create unique experiences with our digital customer platform.
We enable anyone to use complex technologies of tomorrow easily.

We are Autonoma

Our Mission

Autonoma is not an IoT platform. We offer our customers a solution for the meaningful and sustainable digitization of their machines. What makes us different? Our products enable project managers, mechatronics engineers, data scientists and existing technicians to digitize plants. Without special know how and IT knowledge.

What makes us different?

  • Our platform enables any existing employee to digitalise machines and plants. Without special know-how and IT knowledge.
  • We enable every machinery- and plant manufacturing company to create
    new, recurring revenue streams with their own digital customer platform (DCP).

At the same time, we do a lot differently than others:

  • User friendliness and user experience comes first. Always!
  • Our customers digitalise themselves. No need for expensive external service providers.
  • Cross-process digitalisation. From sales, to operations, to maintenance and (field) service.
  • Transparent and easy pricing model, ready to scale your digital business model.

About Autonoma

As a specialist in machine and plant digitalisation, we help companies to add value to their own products through unique experiences, data-driven services and new digital business models.

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20+ years of experience in the industry in the field of digitalisation

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Research and development of our solution since 2017.

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Based in Linz, AT. The heart of the Austrian industry.

Managing Directors


David Gumpinger



Florian Haslhofer



Florian Bauernfeind


Autonoma team


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At Autonoma, we live and breathe technology and usability. We democratice Cloud, IoT and DLT (Blockchain) technologies of tomorrow. With our low-code digital customer platform we enable anyone to digitalise their sales, service, operations and maintenance.

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