3D models of assets and QR codes in the digital customer platform

Raphaela Brückl

3D models in Autonoma's digital customer platform can now be tagged with QR codes to get the right information at the right time at the physical machine and plant. 

In this article you will learn how the 3D models work and how you can use QR codes for more transparency and more efficient processes.

3D models of plants in the digital customer platform

One of the most important advantages of a digital customer platform is the ability to provide 3D models of objects. CAD files can be visualized as 3D models directly on the digital customer platform as digital twins.

3 D Models on Screen

We support all common CAD formats here. In addition, the digital twins can be visualized directly in the environment using augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). 

By visualizing the CAD models, customers get a better understanding of their plant and can view it from different angles and perspectives. The feature is especially useful for complex machines or plants with many elements. With 3D models, customers can better understand how the product works and what benefits it has for them.

Data and processes: Hotspots on the digital twin

Hotspots can be created on the 3D models. These hotspots are links that store and link specific information and processes of the machines. All relevant information such as real-time data, documents, instructions, checklists and much more can be linked here easily and transparently. This makes it very easy to understand which information belongs to a machine, whether there are problems, which checklists need to be carried out (e.g. in maintenance) and how, for example, the operation of the plant works.

Create Qr Code Copy 5

A QR code is also automatically generated for each hotspot. The QR codes can be downloaded and applied to the exact location on the machine.

3 D Modell

Customers scan the QR codes with their smartphone and can thus easily and conveniently access the information and processes stored in the hotspot.

QR code generation

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet camera. QR codes are automatically generated to each data hotspot. 

When scanned, the QR code can provide customers with valuable information about the facility. 

QR codes make it easier for customers to learn about products and services in an interactive way. QR codes can be especially useful for you as a company selling complex machinery or equipment that requires detailed instructions.

If a hotspot is created at a certain point on the machine, suitable instructions for sticking including images are generated automatically. These images, along with the QR code and information, are converted into a PDF and can be downloaded.

Qr Code Sheet

Advantages of 3D models and QR codes

Die 3D-Modelle der Assets oder Maschinen können überall und jederzeit virtuell aufgerufen werden. Durch den einfachen Zugriff auf bestimmte Informationen über die QR-Codes sowie Hotspots wird ein ganz besonderes Kundenerlebnis geschaffen. Zudem bietet die 3D-Ansicht eine detaillierte Ansicht der Maschinen, so dass die Kunden es aus allen Blickwinkeln betrachten können. Dadurch können Kunden das Produkt besser verstehen und analysieren.

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