API Documentation

Raphaela Brückl

Autonoma's updated API documentation contains all the necessary information to simplify the connection of external systems to the digital customer platform.

This step is crucial for companies that are driving forward their digitalization processes and aiming for seamless integration into existing ERP systems.

For example, you can use the API to automatically create and manage your assets. This allows data to be transferred seamlessly and ensures that all systems always contain up-to-date information. 

Automation of assets and data

By automating processes such as the creation of assets and data management, your company saves time and reduces sources of error. The API offers robust functions that enable processes to be standardized and manual effort to be minimized.

This is particularly relevant for importing current master data from ERP and document management systems to save valuable time internally.

API Assets

Support and troubleshooting

The API also supports you with error messages. During integration or when executing HTTP requests, the API provides meaningful error messages and offers targeted assistance. This not only makes troubleshooting easier but also helps users to automate their processes.

API Error


The comprehensive documentation of the Autonoma API helps to make the connection to the Digital Customer Platform as seamless and effective as possible. It provides all the necessary information and HTTP requests to successfully integrate the digital customer platform with external systems and optimize the digital processes in your company.

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