Automated reports for more transparency

Raphaela Brückl

Automated reports are a key to evaluating machinery and equipment. These automatically and regularly generated documents contain important information about operational processes and the performance of your assets. They can be customized in various ways to meet the requirements of your company and your customers. They enable you to transparently monitor, manage, and make informed business decisions about your assets.

Designing Your Automated Report

The core of automated reports is the included widgets, which visually represent the existing data clearly. You can drag and drop these widgets to create a report. Here, you can integrate relevant data streams and KPIs for various aspects of your business. The ability to add widgets as needed gives you the flexibility to tailor reports to your specific requirements.


Additionally, you can group widgets from individual widgets. This allows you to create complex visualizations that combine different data streams. For example, you can consolidate all data related to energy consumption into one group.

Managing Pages in Reports with a Clear Sidebar

The functions include:

  • Rotation: Portrait and landscape mode for individual pages.
  • Deletion: For deleting individual pages.
  • Hiding: For pages that are in the drafting stage and should not be sent out automatically (yet).
  • Duplication: For duplicating individual pages to avoid creating the same format twice.

Sidebar Reports

Customize your reports according to your needs and highlight relevant information.

Design of Your Report

The cover page of your report is generated in your company's colors. Furthermore, an accurate representation of the asset, the date of creation, and the data period in the report are inserted. This ensures the timeliness and relevance of the data being analyzed.

Cover Report

Periods and Sending Intervals

An important aspect of automated reports is the ability to freely set the reporting period. This means you can generate reports for daily, weekly, monthly, or annual periods. This flexibility allows you to tailor your reports to your specific requirements.

The sending interval of automated reports is just as important as the reporting period. Specify how often these reports should be generated and sent. This ensures timely communication of information and ensures that important insights are not overlooked.

Period and Interval

Once completed, the reports are regularly sent with real-time data based on the chosen interval and time frame. Automated reports are characterized by their timely updates.

Recipients of Reports

You can easily determine who should receive these reports. Invite the desired individuals through a list and specify their preferred communication channels, whether it's via SMS, email, or push notification. Each invited recipient receives an individual invitation and can choose their preferences. This allows for a customized user experience and ensures that reports are sent to the right people in their preferred format.

It is important to note that invited individuals must actively accept and activate the invitation. More information on this can be found in the "Notifications" article. This activation ensures that recipients are genuinely interested in the reports and wish to receive them regularly.

The status of invited individuals will also be visible, allowing you to easily see whether they have accepted the invitation, declined it, or have not yet responded. This gives you control over the distribution of your reports and enables effective communication management.


Testing Reports

Once a report is fully created, it can be reviewed using a test report. Select your email address and the test report will be sent directly to it. This feature allows you to ensure that the created report is accurate before automating its distribution to your customers or colleagues.

Test Report Mail

Enhance Your Machinery Operations with Automated Reports

In an increasingly complex and data-driven business world, automated reports are an invaluable tool for the success of your company. They enable you to monitor the data of your assets and make informed business decisions as a result.

The use of automated reports improves your business in various ways. From condition monitoring to flexible customization, they offer crucial advantages for companies in every industry. Start implementing automated reports today and maximize the potential of your data.

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