Automatic synchronization: Efficient processing of assets in a team

Florian Bauernfeind

Autonoma's digital customer platform now allows multiple users to work on the same asset at the same time. This is particularly important in environments where teams are geographically dispersed. It ensures that every change to an asset is synchronized across all users within two seconds, promoting an environment of seamless collaboration and efficiency. 

Collaborative asset management

The digital client platform allows multiple users to work on the same asset at the same time, without delays or data overlap. This feature is particularly useful for projects that require input from different departments or geographical locations.

Changes are synchronized immediately, ensuring that all team members are on the same page and avoiding any discrepancies in the data.

Manage assets independently

The unique approach of the Autonoma platform allows each employee to manage asset master data independently. This allows each department to choose a speed that suits them.

Automatically up-to-date

Aspects of the Autonoma platform such as the map view or the service overview of current requests can serve as an overview on screens such as televisions. This information must always be up-to-date and cannot be updated manually. This makes a correct view all the more important. Several synchronization mechanisms ensure that all data is correct at all times.


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