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Notifications provide you and your customers with real-time alerts, error and task notifications, as well as process and maintenance reminders. Native integration with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android ensures that you don't miss important updates.

With the ability to customize notification settings based on specific time sequences and channels, Autonoma allows you and your customers as users to stay informed during their working hours or respective shifts.

However, especially on weekends and outside of working hours, you won't be disturbed. Notifications are postponed in the meantime and then collected and delivered during the next active period.

Notifications in Profile

Configure Your Notifications

Autonoma's digital customer platform offers the option to configure notifications for specific events. This is extremely useful as it enables OEMs to be immediately informed when something important happens. Thanks to customizable settings, you will only be informed at your desired times and through your preferred channels. This way, you conscientiously receive all important information during your working hours and remain undisturbed during your leisure time. Missed notifications will be delivered to you collectively once you are back online and your notifications are activated.

Notifications for Alarms

Create an alarm for a specific data stream, and you can easily send it to yourself and other employees. The selected recipients will receive an invitation and can accept or decline this notification invitation. Moreover, they can determine for themselves through which channels, such as SMS, email, or push, they wish to be informed. This way, you can easily organize who should receive which notifications and when.

Notification at Alarme

Choose Trigger Events

First, you need to select the events for which you want to receive notifications. These could be critical errors, maintenance needs, or other important events. Also, determine through which channels you want to be notified.


Where Do You Want to Be Notified?

You can be kept informed about events such as warnings or information via email, SMS, or push notification. You have the option to individually specify which channels you want to be reachable through and which ones you do not. To receive notifications via email or SMS, you simply need to enter and verify your email address or phone number. This allows you to customize the way you receive notifications according to your personal preferences.

Adjust Notifications to Your Schedule

Every user has their own preferences for notifications and individual working hours or shift schedules. Autonoma's digital customer platform allows you to tailor notifications to your needs. By having the option to set specific time sequences, you can choose when you want to receive notifications during the day or week. This level of customization ensures that you receive important information at the most convenient times.

Time Sequences


In summary, Autonoma's notifications enable efficient and tailored communication for you and your customers. The ability to customize notifications based on schedules and channels ensures that you receive important information at the right time while enjoying uninterrupted work and leisure. With integration into various operating systems and the ability to configure notifications for specific events, Autonoma offers a flexible solution for businesses and OEMs to stay updated and respond quickly to important incidents. Use these features to optimize your workflows and enhance communication with customers and team members. 

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