Connection management of the edge devices

Raphaela Brückl

Gateways play a key role in acquiring measurement data from machines as part of Autonoma's digital customer platform (DCP) for machine and system manufacturers. They enable operating, performance and status data to be recorded and transmitted to Autonoma's digital customer platform. A stable internet connection is required to ensure seamless data transmission.

Versatile connection options with prioritization

Modern gateways support a variety of connections. LAN, WLAN and mobile radio are the three predefined interfaces that can be used depending on requirements and availability. 

Adjust the priority of the various interfaces such as LAN, WLAN and mobile radio directly in Autonoma's digital customer platform. This ensures that the most important and reliable connections are given priority. If a connection fails, the system can automatically switch to the next highest priority without disrupting machine operations. This guarantees seamless data communication and enables continuous performance without interruptions.

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Dynamic interface management

Autonoma's DCP not only allows the connection strength and quality to be monitored, but also enables interfaces to be switched on and off dynamically. This may be necessary to save energy or for safety reasons.

Gateway Runtimes and Connections

This flexibility allows OEMs to ensure that their machines and processes are optimally networked while retaining full control over the use and protection of their data.

Connection status and configuration options

A glance at the dashboard of a gateway provides information about the current status of the connections. It shows which interfaces are active and where there may be problems. An important function for maintenance and troubleshooting in networks.

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Signal strength and interface management

Signal strength is a decisive factor for smooth communication. Autonoma's digital customer platform offers the option of monitoring the signal strength of each gateway interface and displaying it to users. If required, the individual interfaces can also be deactivated.


Configuration of the individual connection settings

In addition to the advanced connection functions, the fast and uncomplicated configuration of the individual connections is another outstanding feature of Autonoma's digital customer platform (DCP).

Only the SSID (network name) and password are required to set up the WLAN network, with advanced options such as DNS configuration.

Configure Wifi

The configuration of the Ethernet connection is just as simple, whereby the IP address can be assigned either automatically via DHCP or manually.

For the mobile Internet connection via mobile radio, all you need to do is insert a SIM card into the gateway.


Simple connection management for gateways, including all priorities and information, is essential for the daily operation of a digital customer platform.

Thanks to flexible connection prioritization and dynamic interface management, the digital customer platform not only enables efficient and trouble-free data transmission but also contributes to increased operational efficiency and enhanced data security.

The user-friendly dashboard provides a clear overview of the connection status, making it easier to monitor and maintain the network.

In summary, Autonoma's DCP makes a decisive contribution to optimizing the digital infrastructure of machine and plant manufacturers by ensuring reliability, security and efficiency in data communication. This makes your IT operations simple and efficient.


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