Data collection: more transparent and efficient than ever before

Raphaela Brückl

As digitalization progresses, data from machines and systems is being generated in large quantities. This increases the need for efficient management and analysis of this data. Autonoma's digital customer platform has now made the data collection of your machine data even more transparent and efficient.

Fast selection of existing data streams

By identifying the IP addresses available or visible from the gateway, the connector connections can be created and managed efficiently. This means that data from your machines and assets can be collected in no time at all.

If data streams are already available at the connector, users can access them quickly and easily. This is very important for the efficiency of data collection. The renewed user interface allows the use of keyboard shortcuts, such as the Shift key to select multiple elements. For example, changes can be made to intervals on several data streams at the same time, optimizing the workflow and saving time.

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Using the right mouse button, users can select, deselect or delete multiple data streams at the same time. This intuitive interaction option significantly improves the user experience and makes data management more flexible and user-friendly.

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Display of download progress: user feedback in real time

The transparency of the new data collection is ensured by clear communication of download progress. They allow users to track the status of their data requests in real time. This not only increases confidence in the data collection process, but also increases user satisfaction through direct feedback. As the process can take a little longer depending on the amount of data, users can now estimate how long it will take and therefore plan their time more effectively.

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More efficient OPC UA discovery 

The efficiency and transparency of OPC-UA Discovery have been significantly improved. The ability to reuse existing OPC-UA connectors has significantly improved the performance of automatic data recognition. This enables users to select or expand new data points more quickly.

A decisive advantage of this improved discovery process is the increased transparency. Users are continuously informed about all the steps that take place in the background throughout the entire OPC UA discovery process. This transparency provides a clear overview of what is happening - from the progress of the download of a new discovery connector to the immediate notification of a faulty connection to the OPC-UA server.

Conclusion: Better managed process per connector

The data collection of Autonoma's digital customer platform is constantly being optimized and is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Transparent download progress indicators, efficient IP address scanning, quick selection of data streams and intuitive interaction options are just a few examples of how Autonoma is improving data collection. 

In general, every single connector benefits from the optimized innovations. The faster and intuitive configuration process enables even non-technical employees to effectively digitize machines and processes. For companies, this not only means an increase in efficiency and productivity, but also an improvement in security and user satisfaction.

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