Efficiency through innovative actions

Raphaela Brückl

The newly introduced feature of Autonoma's digital customer platform includes what are called "Actions". Actions are recurring commands that can be automated with a button to quickly and easily offer pre-configured functions to colleagues and customers.

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There are several examples of actions.


Webhooks act as a bridge to external systems and services. By calling a web URL, specific actions in other systems can be triggered. This creates opportunities such as executing processes in external systems directly from the Autonoma platform.

Example: Update from an external system to initiate a process in the ERP


Send Value to Stream

Another key function is sending fixed or dynamic values to a data stream. This allows users to manually transmit values and enter them into a data stream, such as tire pressure or the operating hours of a machine. With just one click, the desired value is added to the data stream, allowing for direct and flexible interaction with the data.

Further examples include:

  • Belts, when they have been manually tightened, and the path of tension loss
  • Recipes, when they are to be reset to an original value in the PLC.

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Create pre-configured exports of your machines for your customers. They can then perform the desired data export with just one click and receive an export of the machine data within seconds. For end customers who often don't have specific export settings, Autonoma now offers the ability to export data streams quickly and easily.

This function simplifies access to and further processing of data and opens new avenues for data analysis and use.

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PLC Updates

Another way to use actions is by updating values in a PLC. An example of this would be changing the speeds of motors, turning off systems, or turning on non-safety critical components.

Note: This function is only available to selected individuals, as it poses significant risks for machine safety and liability.


In the future, there will also be more actions that will expand the range of interaction and management of machine data. These include the extended setting of registers on machines, triggering data imports for, for example, ERP or weather data, and much more.

The ability to create webhooks, update data streams, and export data with just one click not only changes the way companies manage their machines and systems, but also paves the way for innovative service offerings and business models.

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