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The new Help Center complements Autonoma's digital customer platform and assists you in providing efficient and customer-oriented support. It serves as a central point of contact where your customers can find all relevant information about the platform. The Help Center was developed to enhance the customer experience, optimize customer service, and facilitate a particularly straightforward onboarding process.

Overview of the Help Center

Our Help Center is designed to be fully customizable to your corporate design. This means that your brand remains consistent and recognizable in every customer interaction.

The structure of the Help Center is clear and easily accessible. Whether you're looking for information about products, frequently asked questions or technical instructions, you can find the relevant main topics directly on the homepage. If you want to navigate even faster, a powerful search bar is available to help you search for specific topics.

Hc Overview

Expand and personalize your Help Center

You have the option to create your own articles directly in the Help Center platform. Your customers often have specific requirements and needs that aren't always covered by general help topics.

The ability to create custom articles allows you to provide targeted information and instructions to your end customers. This enables you to offer individual solutions to common issues and thereby increase the effectiveness of your customer support.

Hc Platfornm

Create your own personalized articles

This approach places the power of knowledge sharing directly in your hands as OEMs and promotes a higher level of engagement and self-sufficiency. The integration of the intuitive editor simplifies the process, allowing you to share assistance easily. This improves the overall support system and fosters a collaborative environment.

Our intuitive editor makes it easy for you to create your own articles and share your knowledge with others. This not only creates a better support system but also promotes a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared, benefiting everyone.

Helpcenter editor

The benefits of the Autonoma Help Center

The Help Center offers many benefits for your company to improve customer care.

Efficient customer support

With the Help Center, you can independently address a variety of customer inquiries and issues efficiently. Your customers can access self-help articles to solve their problems, reducing the number of support requests. Since there's no need to wait for a support person, wait times are shortened. This helps increase customer satisfaction and better utilize support team resources.

Flexibility and customization

Your company is unique, and the Autonoma Help Center takes this into account. You can customize the Help Center to match your brand identity and design, ensuring seamless integration into your existing corporate identity.

Integration with faults and alarm states

One particularly impressive feature is the integration of the Help Center with our platform. You can directly link Help Center articles to assets. Even when creating alarms (data streams) or hotspots (3D models), relevant articles can be linked to provide faster and more effective assistance where it's needed most. Your customer support becomes more responsive and customer-friendly.

Add Helpcenter to Alarm

This ensures that your customers always have access to high-quality information to address real-time problems and improve the efficiency of their processes.


The Autonoma Help Center is a powerful platform that helps you provide efficient and customer-oriented support. With the ability to create custom articles and customize the Help Center to your corporate design, you can offer tailored solutions to your customers and enhance the efficiency of your customer support. The integration with faults and alarm states ensures that your customers always have access to high-quality information to address real-time problems. The Autonoma Help Center is a valuable tool for increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing support team resources.

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