Improved real-time data connection and enhanced security of the digital customer platform

Raphaela Brückl

Autonoma's digital customer platform has now introduced an improved real-time data connection that enables more stable data transmission, even on networks with severe restrictions. This update ensures that our users can always enjoy a reliable and fast connection.

The stability and reliability of data connections, especially in corporate environments where networks are often restricted by security measures, are particularly important.

Dealing with network restrictions

In many corporate environments, there are security measures that restrict access to certain ports or protocols, such as WebSocket connections used for real-time communication. The digital customer platform has mechanisms to identify these restrictions and switch to alternative communication channels. This means that it uses other ports or protocols that are not blocked in order to maintain communication. 

This capability of the platform ensures that users have a seamless and uninterrupted user experience even in restrictive network environments. As a result, communication is more efficient and can continue without disruption.

Synchronization and updating

On the digital customer platform, all modifications and updates made by other users are transmitted to all relevant accounts in real time. In addition to this immediate transfer of information, these changes are checked and retrieved regularly and at set intervals (cyclically). This ensures that every user always receives the latest information, even if they do not continuously monitor the platform. This means that users are always up to date.

Cross-platform synchronization

Cross-platform synchronization ensures that regardless of which device a user is using - be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer - all data and settings are always kept up to date and consistent across all devices. This means that changes or updates made on one device are automatically transferred to all of the user's other devices. In this way, the platform provides a seamless and integrated experience that allows users to continue their activities efficiently and without interruption, regardless of which device they are using.


With the new update, the digital customer platform has an improved real-time data connection, advanced solutions for network restrictions, improved synchronization mechanisms and high security standards. These innovations position the digital customer platform as a leader in the industry and pave the way for future technological advances.

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