New data export and export templates for Autonoma's digital customer platform

Raphaela Brückl

With the latest update of Autonoma's digital customer platform, a new feature is introduced that not only enhances usability and user-friendliness but also improves data export.

Improvement in Usability and User-Friendliness

First, Autonoma has implemented significant improvements in user guidance and usability of its digital customer platform. With features like multiple selection, invert selection, and other intuitive controls, Autonoma not only makes the data export process easier but also significantly more efficient. Thanks to these adjustments, users need significantly less time to sort and select the required data.

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New Data Export Template Feature

However, the focus of the new update is the data export template feature. As a user of the digital customer platform, you can now save your data export settings as a template. This allows you to execute future exports with just one click, significantly simplifying the process. Saving multiple export templates enables you as a business to quickly and easily export various sets of data for different purposes without having to reconfigure the export settings each time.

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Job Exports Based on Cycles (Batches, Recipes, etc.)

In addition to the existing features, you can benefit from the new "Job export" time granularity option.

After the completion of each cycle, not only is the time of cycle completion collected, but also detailed information on each selected data stream. This allows you to quickly and easily export the data and compare it with other cycles.

Cycles can be individual batches, batches, recipes, and other identifiable times.

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With accurate documentation and analysis of cycle data, companies can more effectively monitor and optimize their production processes. Identifying inefficiencies and implementing improvements is facilitated by this.

Standard Exports as a 1-Click Solution

To further increase the usability and efficiency of data exports, Autonoma's digital customer platform has introduced a new feature: "Actions". This function allows admins to prepare pre-configured exports and make them available as special actions for customers or users of the platform. This approach not only minimizes the effort for end users by significantly simplifying the process but also ensures that data is exported consistently according to defined standards. More information about this function and what else is possible with actions can be found in the following blog article.

Efficiency through innovative actions

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The comprehensive capabilities of the data export tool save you and your users a lot of time in practice. By introducing data export templates and the "Job Export" option, Autonoma offers you powerful features that not only improve usability and user-friendliness but also make your data management process significantly more efficient.

The ability to save export settings as templates and make them available as an “action” saves time and allows users to focus on more important tasks. In addition, the templates can be flexibly adjusted at any time to meet new or changed requirements.

These benefits lead to export tasks being completed faster and with less effort, leading to higher workplace satisfaction.

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