New status and state diagrams

Raphaela Brückl

Autonoma adds status and condition diagrams to the digital customer platform, including relevant analytics (KPIs) focused on monitoring machine status requests. This feature enables companies to gain valuable insights into operations and maintenance activities, alerts, faults and more. By using this feature, companies can make informed decisions, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Status monitoring as a lever for greater efficiency

Efficient management of machine status queries is important for several reasons. By closely monitoring machinery and equipment, companies can identify potential bottlenecks, track performance and respond promptly to faults or warnings. Timely intervention can prevent major breakdowns, minimize downtime and optimize overall productivity. Autonoma's new KPIs provide a comprehensive view of machine activity, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency.

Create status lists

The user-friendly approach to creating your custom status list gives you the flexibility to design your own status codes. Link specific colors and a descriptive name to easily identify the status codes. This makes them instantly recognizable to any of your employees when error messages or warnings occur. This intuitive process also allows non-technical personnel to add additional status codes as needed, improving the overall understanding of machine conditions and the troubleshooting process.

State List

With the ability to create personalized status lists, your organization can effectively manage and interpret status data. This also eliminates the need for complex technical expertise and enables them to make quick and informed decisions for improved operational efficiency.

Visualization of status data

The new function represents the statuses of machines in a visually informative diagram. For a longer period of time, each bar represents a week, a day or an hour, with a different color assigned to each status. This chart allows users to visualize the duration of a machine's online presence on a given day. By observing the color-coded bars, companies can quickly identify patterns, irregularities and potential areas for improvement.

State Chart

KPIs for machine status analysis.

The status overview provides valuable information about the operational status of machines and equipment, such as operation, maintenance, planned and unplanned downtime, mode, online, offline, warnings, faults, errors and more.

In addition, the digital customer platform has been enhanced with new comprehensive KPIs specifically designed to monitor machine conditions. These KPIs provide valuable information about machine and plant operations, such as downtime, manual mode, automatic mode and warnings.

State Kp Is

With a user-friendly interface, companies can easily access and interpret the data to gain actionable insights into the performance of their machines.

Determine your key KPIs yourself

Additionally, customers have the ability to customize their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to meet their unique needs. Autonoma's system allows users to choose from a number of key KPI types, including total, average, minimum duration, maximum duration, frequency and total percentage. These options provide customers with a versatile tool for analyzing and interpreting machine status request data according to their specific needs.

Choose Kp Is


Autonoma's new capability of condition monitoring, visualization and analysis using KPIs improves operations and optimizes performance and quality. By providing comprehensive insights into various machine status activities, alerts, faults and more, Autonoma enables companies to optimize operations, minimize downtime and make data-driven decisions. 

The visually informative chart further enhances the usability of this feature, allowing companies to easily interpret the data collected and act accordingly. With Autonoma, companies can realize the full potential of their automated systems and take efficiency to a new level.

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