New templates - for the global roll-out

Raphaela Brückl

Exporting and importing templates allows for seamless transfer of important information and configurations across different assets and even across account boundaries. This process is not only time-saving but also minimizes sources of error, as it reduces the manual transfer of data.

Efficiency Improvement through Template Export and Import

With Autonoma, admins can efficiently export and import assets, dashboards, metadata, user information, and much more. This feature enables easy transfer of customized configurations to different machines or accounts without the need for reconfiguration from scratch.

Vorlagen Export En

It does not matter whether it involves one's own assets or those from other accounts, the templates can be applied beyond that. Thus, the platform simplifies the challenge of transferring user information between different accounts.

This ensures that all relevant information and system states can be quickly and securely replicated between different environments, allowing companies to standardize and optimize their processes.

Extensions of Exports and Imports

The new feature provides a first step towards template management. In the coming months, this functionality will be significantly expanded to cover controls, reports, and actions as well.


In summary, Autonoma's export and import function offers a practical solution for machinery and plant manufacturers who deliver many machines and want to reuse existing elements.

The continuous development of these features promises even greater flexibility and efficiency in the future by incorporating additional aspects such as roles and permissions. This function allows for seamless and rapid transfer of information and system settings across various accounts, thereby saving companies considerable time and resources.

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