Now you can also configure your connectors offline

Raphaela Brückl

Reliability and efficiency are crucial when it comes to communication between the system components. The ability to configure connectors even when the gateway is offline is an important step towards flexibility. 

This feature makes it possible to prepare gateways specifically for your customers or to update existing connectors with new settings without a direct connection to the network. This makes it easier to manage and maintain your automation systems and makes you more flexible and independent as a machine manufacturer.

Offline Gateway enThe main difference to the previous configuration of connectors is that the changes made are initially saved temporarily and only applied as soon as the IoT gateway (edge device) has a network connection again and is therefore online. 

Most reliable communication with the gateway and improved system performance

The offline configuration option makes communication with the gateway much more stable. Users can now make updates and change configurations even when the gateway is not actively connected to the system. This ensures uninterrupted operation of your systems. The ability to prepare and perform updates offline also offers the advantage of making maintenance windows more flexible and thus avoiding downtime.

The offline configuration reduces the need for multiple connections to the PLC, which leads to a noticeable reduction in the load on the overall system. This contributes to improved performance and higher reliability of the digital customer platform.

Offline update mechanism for the gateway

The offline update mechanism allows users to create, update and delete connectors even when the gateway is offline. This significantly increases flexibility and efficiency when managing connectors. As soon as the gateway is back online, the changes are automatically applied and synchronized immediately.


The option of configuring connectors offline significantly simplifies everyday use. It offers machine and plant manufacturers (OEMs) increased flexibility and efficiency in the management of their automation systems. The offline update mechanism not only makes it easier to maintain and update connectors, but also contributes to more stable communication and improved system performance.

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