Personalize your CAD models

Benedikt Klinglmayr

Autonoma's Digital Customer Platform makes it easy to manage your CAD models. Existing CAD models are processed and optimized fully automatically so that they are subsequently linked to your asset as high-performance 3D models. 

A variety of output formats (.gltf, .fbx, .step, .obj, .glb) are supported, which are standardized by the optimization process so that you are not dependent on special hardware or software. You can easily access and manage your 3D models via the Autonoma platform on any end device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Read more about 3D models in the article...

To take the realistic representation of your 3D models to a new level, the material editor has been introduced. This offers maximum visual flexibility by allowing you to design the color schemes of your model in great detail with just a few clicks. You can create an image of the physical asset in the shortest possible time and have the option of correcting color errors in the original data.


Customizing materials in models 

The material editor makes it possible to color the individual parts of the model and thus display the model realistically. The different parts can be easily selected in the interactive viewer and changed as desired. This allows you to freely adjust the appearance and correct unrealistic colors from the CAD file. The changes are of course saved and the model will be available to you in the new appearance in the future.

3dmodell Colors

Rendering of edited models

If you require high-resolution images of your edited models, this is still possible with the familiar rendering mode. The colour changes to the materials in your model are automatically synchronized and applied when the image is created. This means that you can not only redesign the model in the platform, but also generate additional image material in the new look.  

Autonoma thus enables even more efficient handling, even with complex CAD models. Users can make color adjustments to the models without any special prior knowledge. This not only reduces the complexity of the process enormously, but also the dependencies. Numerous intermediate steps for visual adjustments are a thing of the past.


In summary, Autonoma's digital customer platform offers a particularly user-friendly solution for managing and optimizing CAD models. By supporting various formats and automatic preparation, 3D models are provided efficiently and with high performance for a wide range of end devices. 
The material editor extends this functionality by allowing you to easily and realistically adjust the coloring of the models, making it easier to display and correct color inconsistencies. 
In addition, the rendering mode allows you to create high-resolution images of the edited models. These comprehensive functions not only reduce the complexity of handling CAD models, but also offer the option of using digital twins directly in the platform.

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