Second hardware supplier: Onlogic complements Autonoma's product portfolio

Raphaela Brückl

In addition to the existing Compulab, we have expanded our hardware offering to include the new supplier OnLogic. OnLogic is known for supplying high-quality industrial hardware that is designed and certified for fail-safe and 24/7 operation in industrial environments. With this expansion, we are even better equipped to meet our customers' needs and provide reliable and efficient automation solutions.

Automation solutions have become an essential part of modern industrial processes. To achieve optimal productivity and efficiency, it is important to use reliable hardware solutions. Autonoma offers comprehensive digitization and automation solutions, and we always strive to provide our customers with the best hardware product. To achieve this goal, after a lengthy evaluation period, we have teamed up with OnLogic to offer our customers high-quality industrial hardware.

Industrial hardware design and certification

Industrial environments can be harsh and demanding on hardware. Dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures can cause hardware failures that lead to downtime and lost productivity. OnLogic's industrial hardware is designed and certified to operate 24/7 in these environments, making it perfect for critical applications where downtime can be costly.

Fanless industrial design

The IPC and OnLogic hardware and Compulab hardware are notable for their fanless industrial design in a rugged aluminum enclosure. This design makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where dust, moisture and extreme temperatures can be a challenge for other hardware. The fanless design also reduces maintenance, saving customers time and money in the long run. 

For installation, the gateways can be easily mounted in the control cabinet via DIN rail.

Edge Gateways

The edge device (gateway) is a central element of machine and plant digitization. It is the connection point between the machine control system and Autonoma's digital customer platform. To ensure worry-free monitoring around the clock, careful selection of the hardware components used is the first step to success. Therefore, before gateways are added to Autonoma's portfolio, they go through an extensive evaluation process. 
Each gateway from Autonoma is also equipped with a SIM card that can be used worldwide and can be used directly anywhere without configuration. This enables flexible use even with mobile machines where the location is changed frequently. 

In terms of connectivity, our gateways also offer a large number of interfaces. 2 LAN ports, Cellular, GNSS, WiFi and Bluetooth are included as standard. Antennas for industrial use are also available.

Compulab IoT-Gateway

The industrial gateway from Compulab was specially developed and certified for use in industry. Due to the aluminum housing, a fanless design is possible, while still ensuring sufficient cooling for any application. The wide range of input voltage from 8-36V and temperature from -40°C to 80°C already reflects how universally applicable this gateway is.

Compulab Ltd Gateway

With 32GB eMMC and 4GB RAM it provides enough memory for the Autonoma software stack and still offers generous room for individual customer software or future feature updates. A special feature of this gateway are the additional I/O ports. Here are digital inputs/outputs, as well as a CAN and RS485 transceiver. Optionally, a supply via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is also available.

Onlogic IoT-Gateway

The second new gateway in the portfolio is the Factor 201 from Onlogic. Also developed for industrial use, aluminum elements, which serve as heat sinks, have been integrated into the design of the high-quality plastic casing. 

On Logic B.v. Gateway

Similar to Compulab's gateway, 64GB of SSD storage and 4GB of RAM are available. For connectivity, the Factor 201 offers RS232, RS485 and 2 LAN ports including Power-over-Ethnet for power supply. 
In addition to a variety of industrial certifications, this gateway can also be purchased in corporate branding for better brand visibility.

Advantages of Autonoma's flexible hardware selection

Autonoma's hardware solutions offer a range of benefits for customers looking for reliable and efficient automation solutions. Autonoma's hardware is designed and certified for fail-safe and 24/7 operation in industrial environments. This means that our customers can rely on Autonoma's hardware solutions to operate continuously without downtime, minimizing the risk of costly business interruptions. In addition, the fanless design also reduces maintenance, saving customers time and money in the long run. Autonoma's edge devices (gateways) are carefully selected and evaluated to ensure worry-free monitoring around the clock. Each Autonoma gateway is also equipped with a SIM card that can be used anywhere in the world and can be deployed directly anywhere without configuration, allowing flexible deployment even for mobile machines with frequent changes of location. Finally, Autonoma's hardware solutions offer a range of options such as additional I/O ports and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power, giving customers the flexibility to choose the hardware solution that best meets their specific needs.

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