Translations of the digital customer platform into other languages

Raphaela Brückl

In today's globalized world, it is essential for companies to provide their digital customer platform content in multiple languages. This is where Autonoma's translation management comes into play. This article looks at the concept and management of translation management. 

What is translation management?

Translation management functions include translating the digital customer platform content into multiple languages, managing the (automated) translation workflow, and ensuring that the translated content is accurate and consistent across all languages.

Autonoma's digital customer platform translation management can be applied to all individually created data, such as data streams or assets. If data needs to be translated, it can be customized in the translation screen, during editing, or directly when a piece of content is created.

Translation Mask

User-created content

Structured storage of translations in the database ensures an intuitive translation process. This allows you to independently adapt your created data to your target languages in an easy and efficient way. 

As an Autonoma customer, you can be assured that platform elements such as buttons and menus are maintained directly by Autonoma to ensure consistent presentation in all languages. Therefore, translation on your part is not required for these elements.

Inline Translation

Automated translation

Automated translation via the AI-based translator DeepL is an efficient way to translate texts into different languages. The platform detects the source language of the text and translates it accordingly into the desired language. Translations can then be checked and adjusted to correct any errors or inconsistencies. 

Automatically translated values are marked with an icon. By clicking on it, the translation is accepted and perceived as "checked". If the automatically generated terms do not match, they can simply be deleted and translated correctly manually. This automated translation function saves you a particularly large amount of time and effort and can be performed by existing employees, with the correct authorization.

Autotranslated Translation

Changing translations manually

It is important to note that translations should be reviewed and manually changed as needed. Automated translation is a particularly helpful tool, but should always be checked by humans to ensure that they are correct and consistent.

Thanks to the so-called "progress bars", it is possible to see at first glance which translations are complete and where terms are still missing. If all terms are translated, the bar is colored green.

Progress Bars


In conclusion, the translation management of Autonoma's digital customer platform is an important tool for companies to make their content available in multiple languages. Automated translation provides a fast method to translate texts into different languages. However, it should be noted that manual review and adjustment of translations is essential to ensure they are accurate and consistent. Overall, Autonoma's digital customer platform provides an effective solution for businesses to make their content available globally, maximizing their reach and success.

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