Updates to data processing

Raphaela Brückl

Autonoma has recently expanded its data processing capabilities. This update now allows you and your customers to process not only the latest values of a data stream, but also to work with values from the past as of now. The revision of the data processing functions contributes to revolutionizing the way users can analyze and interpret their data.

Data processing enables the computation of captured information on the server side with formulas or other information. Until recently, it was only possible to process the latest values of a data stream on the digital customer platform. With the new update to Autonoma's digital customer platform, it is now also possible to continue working with older values.

Comparing and Working with Values from the Past

The latest updates now also allow working with values from the past. This means that you are now able to compare current data with historical data to identify trends and make better decisions.

You can now compare the current value with both the last value and the value from a week ago, enabling not just a deeper analysis of the data but also improved forecasting capabilities.

Forwarding Values

In addition, a new function is now available that allows data to be forwarded directly to another data stream. With the forward-function, new use cases become possible, such as:

  • Processing JSONs and then distributing them to the various data streams.
  • Forwarding intermediate results to a new data stream.
  • Setting a status without interrupting the current calculation.

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The latest update of data processing on the Autonoma platform has significantly expanded the way you can work with data streams from now on. By being able to work with historical data and compare values, you can now gain deeper insights and make better decisions.


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