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The future of Autonoma 


In this short introduction post, we want to give you some insights into who we are, what we do, and where we are heading.

Autonoma’s roots go back to 2017 when Florian Haslhofer and Florian Bauernfeind - both senior developers - identified early on the need for machinery and plant manufacturers to interact with customers more closely. Leading manufacturers therefore startet build a “customer interface” themselves, without the know-how, focus and skills to do so efficiently, leading mostly to budget overruns or failed projects.

As such, the two ‘hackers’ started the first prototype of the product we know today, the digital customer platform (DCP) next to their day-to-day jobs.

In 2020, David Gumpinger joined the project and brought with him the business and financial perspective. Together, they developed the key concept, enhanced the product - which already was a working prototype - to a first MVP, and secured long-term funding for the company.

This was the beginning of Autonoma. Officially, they started the company at the beginning of 2021 and served the first industrial customers shortly after. Since then, the team grew to 8 highly motivated professionals, enabling more and more industrial SMEs to digitalize their machines, plants and assets.

Autonoma Team

What we do

Our purpose still remains unchanged: Helping industrial SMEs use the power of their machine data to create much more value and more sustainable operations for their customers. 

But what does that mean? 

Industrial SMEs struggle with software projects, as software development is not their core competence and they have a lack of qualified professionals. 

Therefore, Autonoma enables industrial SMEs to go from traditional software development projects to a fast, lean and guided implementation. Which means:

From traditional software development

Icon of bomb with money sign

Take-over of the 100% of
the development risk

Icon of shortage of skilled workers

Enormous shortage of
digitalization specialists

Calendar icon

3 to 4 years until
go-live (time-to-value)

cost calculation icon

No cost transparency for
the platform operation

To your digital customer platform

Icon of a watch

In 6 months to the
first service revenue

Thumbs up icon

No new expertise required:
Empower your existing experts

development risk icon

No development risk: Start
immediately with the implementation

magnifying glass icon

No hidden fees:
plannable costs from day 1

We do that with the three modules of the digital customer platform (DCP): 
Digital customer platform modules

Where we go

Though, our vision is much bigger. We will enable industrial machine- and plant manufacturers to digitally transform their entire business to become digital champions.

We help them to gradually transform of organisations from their current situation which  includes and benefits every department.

To make it happen, we are currently developing the next generation of our digital customer platform (DCP). It will enable new, more sustainable business models and operations of machines, with a full-service and maintenance focus.

Benefits include:

Benefits En

In the industry, these concepts are sometimes called “Industry 4.0”, “Service 4.0”, “Pay-per-Use”, “Pay-per-Outcome” or “Equipment-as-a-Service”. 

This will enable our customers, namely machinery- and plant manufacturers to:

Outcomes En


To learn more about how you can digitally transform your machines and your business model, contact us via office@autonoma.cloud.

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