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With Autonoma, you can even keep track of your missed notifications. If you are outside of your set notification time span, incoming notifications are not discarded. Instead, they are collected and then played back to you in unison once you are back in service.

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Grouped Notifications

The concept of grouped notifications is simple: All notifications received during your absence are collected and sent to you as soon as you return within your personal notification period. What exactly your personal notification time span is will be covered in the following blog article:

Configuration of digital notifications


For you as a company and for the machine operators, this means a significant improvement in user-friendliness. Instead of being inundated with numerous notifications outside of shift times and consequently having to turn them off categorically, the new grouped notification feature offers a way to maintain an overview.

You can see at a glance which information is relevant for you and can react accordingly.

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With the new feature, your customers, meaning the machine operators, can increase their productivity. Since missed notifications are managed in a more user-friendly way, users can focus on their tasks without being distracted by constant interruptions.


The introduction of grouped notifications on Autonoma's digital customer platform is a big step towards more efficient communication and better communication during working hours and shifts. As a machinery manufacturer, you can now ensure that you don't miss any important information without being burdened by excessive interruptions. The new feature contributes to increased user-friendliness and enhanced efficiency in your company.

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