Analysis functions via performance metrics (KPIs)

Raphaela Brückl

In engineering, it is critical to have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure and improve the performance of production equipment. Autonoma's digital customer platform helps to capture, calculate and transparently monitor KPIs in real-time. This article will cover how to create and visualize KPIs, as well as what benefits KPIs offer in the platform.

What are KPIs and why are they important?

KPIs are metrics that machine builders and customers use to measure their performance. They help monitor how well a machine or plant is performing, whether goals are being met, and where there is room for improvement. KPIs can be tailored to different data streams, such as temperatures, powers, time streams, and cycles, to show only the relevant and helpful indicators.

Kpi Configuration

The benefits of using KPIs in Autonoma's digital customer platform

The digital customer platform offers many benefits when it comes to using KPIs. For one, customers can now access dashboards and reports specific to their needs. They can select the KPIs that are most relevant and helpful and then view them on their personalized dashboard.

In addition, KPIs are continuously being expanded to meet your needs. Currently, the basic metrics supported are minimum (min), maximum (max), average (avg), sum (sum), and number of points in time (count). Other important KPIs will be extended on an ongoing basis.

Examples of future KPIs are standard deviation (stddev), first value (first), last value (last), highest value (top), lowest value (bottom), and many more.

The creation of KPIs in the digital customer platform

There is a simple step-by-step guide to creating KPIs in the digital customer platform. First, customers need to select the data sources they want to apply their KPIs to. Then, they can select the relevant KPIs and display them on their dashboard. Read more about dashboards and how to use them in the related article.

Dashboards - Customized figures and KPIs for IoT data

Automatic support for selecting visualization types (i.e. different widget types) is also available. The digital customer platform can help your customers choose the best visualization type for their KPIs. Customers can also see a live preview during configuration to ensure that their KPIs are displayed correctly and effectively.


In summary, KPIs are critical in the engineering industry to measure and improve the performance of machinery and equipment. Autonoma's digital customer platform offers many advantages in the use of KPIs, as customers can now access dashboards and reports specifically tailored to their needs in the easiest way possible. Creating KPIs in the platform is easy and customers can choose from a variety of visualization types. The continuous expansion of KPIs in the platform ensures that customers are always shown the most relevant and helpful indicators. 

Autonoma's digital customer platform thus helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of machine operators and to make the quality of their machines and plants transparent.

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