User Tags

Raphaela Brückl

The digital customer platform already enables dynamic role management within an account. In addition, “tags” are now also available as individual user assignments that can be assigned to individual users across roles. 

In many teams, members must be able to perform specific functions based on their tasks and responsibilities. 

In this article, we will introduce you to three special user tags that will help you optimize your workflow and communicate more effectively with your team or your customers.

User Tags

Reporter tag

The role of the reporter is essential for teams involved in software development and bug management. As soon as a simple user reports an error or “bug”, the reporter is automatically informed. The reporter not only has access to all reported problems of the main account but also to those of the sub-accounts.

Table of All Requests

Decision process: accept or reject

A unique feature of the reporter role is the process of accepting or rejecting problems. If an issue is accepted, it is processed accordingly. If the reporter rejects an issue, it is closed, optionally with a message from the reporter to the creator.

If no reporter tag is assigned to an account, each user can only see their tickets.

More information in our article:



Supporter tag

Users with the “Supporter” tag are your first point of contact when support is needed. This applies in particular if a customer needs help with a machine or makes a support request.

Communication channels and authorizations

If a simple user or customer needs help with a machine, supporters receive notifications or are called directly. There are two different types of support requests for this:

  • Tickets (text-based requests): These are submitted directly to the digital customer platform via a form, which is sent to all users with a supporter tag. If no supporter tag is assigned to the account, the administrators of the account receive the request.
  • Video call: All users with a supporter tag are also contacted here.  If no supporter tag is assigned, the administrators of the account receive the request.


Flexible permission settings

Two main permissions can be set for customers: general support requests (only textual requests as tickets) and support requests with video calls. These settings allow for flexibility in customer interactions.

Developer tag

For developers, the system offers extended options for interacting with technical resources and functionalities. For example, it is possible to send data to devices via the MQTT protocol. This is particularly useful in systems that require fast and reliable transmission of control commands or data.

MQTT Topic: Data transmission

An example of an MQTT topic that a developer could use is “uid/load”. Here, a developer can send data directly to a specific data stream, which offers many advantages when developing or debugging applications. 

Display of MQTT access data

Developers can also view MQTT access data. These credentials are necessary to enable a secure and efficient external connection. With this information, developers can ensure that their applications communicate correctly with external systems.


The introduction of tags as cross-role functions at the account level brings many advantages. By assigning specific user tags such as reporter, supporter and developer, you can ensure that each task is handled by the most appropriate person. This leads to faster problem-handling and an overall increase in productivity.

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